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Those who use the www.roysmounting.com website have read the following terms and conditions,

understands and accepts.



  • Membership is not required to shop from roysmounting.com.
  • roysmounting.com reserves the right to change prices, images, features and other information on the site without prior notice.
  • People who shop on roysmounting.com agree that this is a purchase for personal use and not for resale.
  • No text or visual material published on roysmounting.com can be published, copied or used without permission.
  • The processing date of money order / EFT orders is not the date the order was placed, but the date on which the payment was seen to reach roysmounting.com bank accounts.
  • In wire transfer / EFT orders, orders that are not paid within 3 days are canceled.
  • roysmounting.com will use all personal information requested from its customers in order to provide better service.
  • It will not be used anywhere other than roysmounting.com and will not be shared with third parties. Address and telephone information are required at the logistics stage. Personal information; It is taken to categorize areas of interest and to inform special promotions with priority.

Security :

  • Credit card and personal information of all customers who shop on roysmounting.com are 128 mbit encrypted with the internet security standard SSL Secure system. The purpose here is to prevent the capture of customer information by unwanted persons or institutions.
  • roysmounting.com is protected by the 3D Secure security system. When making a payment transaction on the Internet, the bank asks the cardholder for a payment password known only to him, and the identity of the cardholder is verified. In this way, the use of cards by unauthorized persons in the internet environment is prevented. The identity of the cardholder is controlled by a password. This cardholder identification process significantly reduces the risks of chargeback and fraud in electronic payment transactions.
  • The credit card information used during shopping is by no means recorded on roysmounting.com servers. roysmounting.com only provides the transfer between the customer bank and the customer computer.